George Barnett or Modern Day Superhero

If you don't know George Barnett then you better start googling his name right now because he not only is an awesome music composer, singer and writer but also the most generous artist I've ever seen. While strolling on a fantastic torrent site that I will not name in case the canadian government start fooling around in my private settings and finds my name, home adresse, phone number and the name of my cute little wiener of a dog to send me in jail for *LeGASP*OMG* downloading Madonna's latest single, I saw   this....

Isn't he the most awesome person in the world right now? He understands that as a student and broke person, I can't always stroll into the closest music shop to buy a CD that costs 20$ for what? 8 or 9 songs? 
So yes, in an era where simple folk like me downloading a whole CD off the internet is considered a greater crime than murder, I would like all of you to bow down to Mr Barnett and thank him with all your heart and a little chorus of ''He's a jolly good fellow''!! Now all of you listen to this hipster, new pop greatness and enjoy!! :D 

Have I told you he's barely 18? :)


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